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  • Environment


      Already implemented in 40 countries, the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification system rates and certifies the environmental, social and economic sustainability of buildings considered in their entirety.

    • Ariostea and Environment

      A team of Ariostea plant engineers and geologists are studying how to transform natural raw materials such as clay, feldspars, quartzes and minerals into innovative materials which are physically and chemically inert.

    • Certifications

      Ariostea has always paid particular attention to standards and certifications, operating with patented technologies to manufacture Eco-friendly products with superior technical characteristics compared to quarried stones and marbles.

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  • Technology

    • Surfaces and Finishes

    • Backlight

      The extremely reduced 6mm thickness, together with the advanced Ultra technology, allows an appropriately powerful band of light to travel through the Onice Ultra slabs and backlight the material.

    • Flooring, Coverings, Design, Furnishings

      The flexibility of ULTRA technology allows the various product collections developed by Ariostea to be completely adapted to generate projects ranging from simple flooring or coverings for large or small surfaces

    • Sizes, thicknesses

      unquestionably set the new benchmark for the industrial production of large formats. 300x150 cm is the largest size currently available on the market in terms of dimensions, lightness and precision.

    • Storage

      For the correct handling of the pallets, a fork lift truck must be used, at least 2.5 m long, with the forks positioned in the largest width position.

    • Handling

      For manual handling and subsequent laying of the “ULTRA” slabs, in order to guarantee the operators’ safety and the integrity of the slabs, it is strongly recommended to use a frame with suction cups, available upon request, particularly suitable for large dimension “ULTRA” formats.

    • Floor Laying

      Laying “ULTRA” slabs require similar laying conditions to those required for traditional format slabs.

    • Wall Covering

      The laying system with hidden mechanical safety hook on 6 mm “ULTRA” slabs allows the wall covering to be installed in complete safety with a great impact.

    • Cutting and Holes

      ULTRA can be easily processed by using some simple tools.

    • Ultra Case

      The ULTRA CASE and ULTRA CASE Plus kits contain all the instruments required for the correct application of the “ULTRA” slabs in the different stages

    • Accessories Ultra Case

    • Cleaning and maintainance

      Tutti i materiali Ariostea sono di facile pulizia e di semplice manutenzione.

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  • App

    • Floornature Choice

      Free APP for architects, designers and anyone in search of exclusive solutions for floor and wall coverings. A whole world of products and ideas waiting to be discovered through a highly involving, intuitive interface.

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